Infrastructure solutions offers cutting-edge computing and storage solutions for your web3 needs. Our unique payment model supports the holder tier, allowing you to use our services simply by holding ALEPH tokens in your wallet. The longer you hold the tokens, the longer you can enjoy our services without any additional payment. Discover the power of’s solutions today and experience cost-effective and reliable web3 cloud services like never before.


With's computing services, you can process data quickly and securely using on-demand and persistent functions, virtual machine instances, and confidential VMs.


An isolated environment created for a function to execute in response to an event and can run in two modes: on-demand or persistent.


A virtual machine that runs on a's infrastructure and can be configured with CPUs, memory, storage, and networking.

Confidential VM

A virtual machine running for an extended period with their memory, storage, and execution fully encrypted and isolated from the host.

Indexing illustration

Indexing framework

Consider using the Aleph Indexer Framework for indexing blockchain data. It's open-source, multi-chain, and provides an easy-to-use solution for building high-performance, decentralized indexers on's infrastructure.

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With support for immutable, temporary, and persistent volumes, as well as databases using key-value pairs, provides a flexible and powerful storage solution for a wide range of use cases.

Immutable volume

Immutable volumes store unchangeable data on IPFS, pinned to multiple nodes for reliable access and reproducible execution.

Dependencies volume

Package your dependencies to an immutable volume upfront to reference it easily and speed up creation time of an instance or function.

IPFS pinning

Avoid data being removed or garbage collected using the decentralized pinning solution, and ensure your data stay persistent.

Temporarily volume

A volume that is created temporarily to hold data or files for a short period of time. After this time the volume is deleted.